Positive Pay

Positive Pay for Business
Positive Pay refers to an automated cash-management service used by financial institutions to deter check fraud. Banks use positive pay to match checks issued by companies with those it presents for payment. Checks that are considered suspicious are sent back to the issuer for examination.

The positive pay process enables Sterling Bank to reconcile issued checks presented for payment.

Benefits of Positive Pay

  • Fraud Protection
  • Automated Validation of Checks During Overnight Processing
  • Make Pay or No-Pay Decisions Within Business Banking Platform

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ACH Positive Pay
Allows you to manage and monitor ACH debits and credits posting to your account via filters and blocks. You'll be able to make decisions on ACH transactions before your account is debited — and reduce the risk of potential fraud.

With ACH positive pay, your business creates a list of approved vendors. This should include anyone you send regular payments to. Listed vendors are cleared through positive pay to receive automatic payments, with filters including expiration dates and caps on the amount submitted in any single payment. If an electronic transaction takes place outside of this approved list, the system generates an alert allowing you to determine whether to approve the ACH transfer.

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