Helpful questions about Sterling Bank's products and services.

General FAQs

  • Can I get more information about the MOBILE BANKING APP?

    Yes. View our Mobile Banking FAQs below.

  • Can I access all of my transactions at any time?

    Yes, you can access your transactions 24-hours a day, 7-days a week on ONLINE BANKING and Telephone Banking.

  • How do I enroll in Online Banking?

    Click here  to view the enrollment form. Currently you can enroll by filling out the ONLINE BANKING online form or PDF Form and providing it to the location nearest you.

  • How do I enroll in Bill Pay?

    By going into your online banking you can enroll in Bill Pay.

  • What if I forget my ONLINE BANKING password?

    In the event you misplace or forget your ONLINE BANKING password, you should call your local branch to receive assistance with resetting your password. It is important to note that after three consecutive invalid login attempts during one session your account will be locked for safety purposes.

  • How secure is my Online account information?

    We have taken every step possible to be sure that our system meets the latest security standards, including using the latest security encryption methods and software.

  • Are Sterling Bank deposit accounts FDIC insured?

    “Yes-Each depositor is insured to at least $250,000 and deposits held in different categories of legal ownership at the same bank can be separately insured making it possible to have deposits of more than $250,000 at the bank and still be fully insured. For more information, please contact the Bank at info@sterlingbank.ws or call us at (715) 537-3141.

  • How do I set up Direct Deposit of my payroll check?

    If your employer participates in a direct deposit program, simply provide Sterling Bank's routing and transit number and your account number to the human resources or payroll department at your company. They may request a copy of a voided check or deposit ticket to provide this information.

  • Can I get information about my accounts by phone?

    Yes, information on any of your accounts is available during business hours at any of our offices, or through Telephone Banking by calling us at (800) 698-9783 or via ONLINE BANKING if you have requested that service.

  • How do I access Mobile Banking?

    Mobile banking can be accessed with a compatible smartphone or electronic device by using the following address: mobile.sterlingbank.ws

  • What if my smartphone is not compatible with Mobile Banking?

    Smart phones that are not compatible with Sterling Bank Mobile Banking should still have the flexibility to access accounts by using the web address: www.sterlingbank.ws and clicking on the Online Banking icon.

Mobile Banking App FAQs

  • What is the Mobile Banking App?

    The Sterling Bank Mobile Banking App combines the benefits of Internet banking with the power of the iPad®, iPhone®, along with Android™ and Windows® phones and tablets to provide quick access to your account information. The FREE Sterling Bank Mobile Banking App allows you to easily transfer money between accounts, make a loan payment, check your account balances, and even deposit checks after signing in to your account.

  • What is required to use the Mobile Banking App?

    1. An Online ID and Password from Sterling Bank Online Banking.
    2. An active Sterling Bank checking, savings or money market account.

  • Is Online Banking required to use the Mobile Banking App?

    Yes. You will use the same username and password for mobile banking as you do for online banking

  • Does my mobile device support the Mobile Banking App?

    The following devices support the Sterling Bank Mobile Banking App:

    • Android – Android Version 5.0 and higher for phone and tablet.
    • iPad & iPhone – iOS Version 8.0 and higher.

  • How do I get started using the Mobile Banking App?

    Once you have downloaded the app from the iTunes® or Google® Play Store to your mobile device, you are ready to begin. Using your Sterling Bank online banking ID and password, you can automatically begin managing your finances. You can visit www.sterlingbank.ws/mobileapp to log in and get started.

  • How do I know if the Mobile Banking App I am downloading is legitimate?

    Only download mobile apps from reputable sources. When downloading the Sterling Bank Mobile Banking App, ensure that “Sterling Bank” (Google Play Store) or “Sterling Bank WI” (iTunes Store) is listed as the app publisher or seller. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before downloading the app or visit www.sterlingbank.ws for additional information.

  • Can I make a deposit using the Mobile Banking App?

    Yes. Mobile banking remote deposit is a free service available to mobile banking customers. Please reference the remote deposit disclosure and view the demo on our website at www.sterlingbank.ws. Contact one of our branches for additional information on this service.

  • What if the image of the check is rejected by the Mobile Banking App?

    Occasionally there are issues with a check that prevent it from being accepted by the app and you will get the message “Cannot read bottom of check”. Please mail or bring in any rejected checks and we will deposit them for you.

    What should I do with the original checks I deposit through mobile banking remote deposit?

    Please keep original check until it has been paid by the payor bank.

  • Is the Mobile Banking App safe?

    Yes, the Sterling Bank Mobile Banking App is safe and secure. The Mobile Banking App travels in encrypted packets of data. 128-bit encryption protects data from being monitored during transmission across the Internet. The session ends when you close your app and times out if you forget. Also, no identifiable personal information, such as your account number, will be sent or stored to your device.

  • How can I help keep my account information secure and private?

    In addition to our security processes, you can take the following steps to further protect your personal and account information:

    • Apply password protection to your mobile device; be original and protect your passwords
    • Never leave your mobile device unattended when signed in to mobile banking
    • Reference Sterling Bank’s “Online Transaction Guidance” document at www.sterlingbank.ws

  • What is EMV?

    EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) is the global electronic transaction standard named after the three organizations that created it.

  • What is a chip card?

    A chip card has both a magnetic strip and an embedded EMV micro-chip. The chip helps reduce fraud by making it more difficult to duplicate the card or make purchases without authorization. Chip cards are already in use around the world.

  • Why are chip cards being implemented?

    Current magnetic strip cards can be easily copied (skimmed) with inexpensive card reading devices allowing criminals to reproduce counterfeit cards. The use of EMV micro-chip cards is expected to significantly reduce debit and credit card fraud.

  • How do I make chip card transactions?

    At retailers with chip-reading terminals, insert the chip end of card into the reader, follow prompts on the terminal and either sign or enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) as you did with your old card. At retailers without chip terminals, you should swipe your card and sign as you do currently. You can also continue to use your card as before for online purchases, payments and at the ATM.

  • Is the chip card different from my magnetic stripe card?

    Your new chip card comes with the latest in anti-fraud technology. The card’s micro-chip will validate your card by creating a unique encrypted transaction code every time you use it. A chip card must be inserted (not swiped) into a card reader to utilize the micro-chip technology. So please – remember to remove your card and take it with you when your transaction is completed! It is important to remember that a chip card’s security features work only for in-person or card present transactions at an EMV micro-chip reading terminal or ATM. Online retail transactions using your chip card are not provided the same security because the technology only works if the card’s micro-chip is physically read.

  • Are there additional fees associated with the chip card?

    No, these security enhancements are provided by Sterling Bank free of charge.

  • If I have recurring payments set up with several merchants using my Sterling Bank debit card, do I need to contact these merchants regarding my new debit card?

    Your new debit card will have a new expiration date only. Since the card account number and PIN remain unchanged, your recurring payments should not be impacted. However, as a precaution, you may want to notify these merchants of your new card’s expiration date and confirm that recurring payments will continue without interruption.

  • What should I do with the original checks I deposit through mobile banking remote deposit?

    Please keep orginal checks until they have been paid by the payor bank.

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