ATM / Debit Cards

Flexible Access To Your Money...

With a Sterling Bank ATM/Debit Card, you can access money from your checking or savings account (if tied to that account) to make purchases or ATM cash withdrawals. Sterling Bank offers ATM services 24-hours a day at each of our bank locations. For a complete list of Sterling Bank ATM locations click here.

ATM card use is available worldwide; point-of-sale transactions are restricted to transactions originated within the United States.

Lost or Stolen Debit Card?

Please call (833) 933-1681. International Cardholders may call (812) 647-9794.

Control and Manage Your Debit Card Accounts with a Free Mobile App

MobiMoney is a free service available to all Sterling Bank customers. It’s a mobile app (available for both Android and Apple devices) that offers debit cardholders a convenient way to manage their account.

MobiMoney gives you the ability to manage your debit card from your mobile phone or smart device. It allows you to turn your card(s) on and off, control spending limits, set transaction alerts and more. If your card is lost or stolen, you can turn it off so it cannot be used until you locate it or notify the bank.

MobiMoney is compatible with all newer Android or Apple devices. To enroll, simply download the MobiMoney (one word) app from your App store and have your card(s) information ready to enter. Once you set your controls, MobiMoney functions immediately in real time. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!


Mobile Wallet
Paying just got EASIER & TOUCHLESS!

Mobile Wallet pairs your debit/credit card with your smart device. Once it’s set up, Mobile Wallet allows you to use your smartphone or wearable to pay quickly, touchless and securely in person or online! It’s safe, easy and convenient to use!

  • Convenient – Forgot your wallet? No big deal, simply use the app on your phone to pay.
  • Secure – Your card information is protected by substituting a randomly generated identifier to prevent unauthorized access and is never revealed.
  • Full Function – Using the pay app provides you with all the benefits of your credit/debit card, only faster and easier.
  • Free – No fees are charged to use the services

Mobile Wallet is compatible with Apple, Google and Samsung devices…

For more information about using Mobile Wallet contact your local branch.

Fraud Protection: When unusual transactions are detected or there is an attempt to use your debit card at a known fraudulent site, Sterling Bank’s debit card processor will call you at the phone number Sterling Bank has on file as your contact number.  Failure to accept the call will result in a message to which you will need to respond (you should reply as soon as possible) or your card may be blocked from further use.  Also, if you detect or suspect fraudulent use of your debit card, you should contact your local branch immediately during normal banking hours or after hours call Fraud Protection at (855) 961-1602.


With fraudulent debit card activity on the rise, transactions are monitored for irregular behavior.  It is recommended that customers alert Sterling Bank when they are traveling out of their normal card usage area. If questionable activity is detected, customers will receive a call or text asking them to verify the usage of their card.  This may include requests to confirm amounts and locations of transactions.

In the event you receive a call or text regarding your card’s usage, please respond quickly to ensure there is no disruption to your card availability. Failure to respond promptly may result in your card being temporarily unavailable for usage. If your card becomes deactivated, or if you detect or suspect fraudulent usage, contact your local branch immediately during normal banking hours. You should call Fraud Protection after hours at (855) 961-1602. 

Using the MobiMoney App (a free download for Sterling Bank debit card holders) allows you to turn your card on or off when lost or if you notice suspicious activity. For more information see MobiMoney section above or contact your local branch. 

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at (800) 924-4817.

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