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What is the Mobile Banking App?

The Sterling Bank Mobile Banking App combines the benefits of Internet banking with the power of the iPad®, iPhone®, along with Androidand Windows® phones and tablets to provide quick access to your account information. The FREE Sterling Bank Mobile Banking App allows you to easily transfer money between accounts, make a loan payment, check your account balances, and even deposit checks after signing in to your account.

What is required to use the Mobile Banking App?

1.     An Online ID and Password from Sterling Bank Online Banking.

2.     An active Sterling Bank checking, savings or money market account.

Is Online Banking required to use the Mobile Banking App?

Yes. You will use the same user name and password for mobile banking as you do for online banking.

Does my mobile device support the Mobile Banking App?

The following devices support the Sterling Bank Mobile Banking App:

  • Android – Android Version 5.0 and higher for phone and tablet.

  • iPad & iPhone – iOS Version 8.0 and higher.

  • Windows – Windows Version 8.0 for phone and 8.1 for tablet.

How do I get started using the Mobile Banking App?

Once you have downloaded the app from the iTunes®, Google® Play, or Windows® Store to your mobile device, you are ready to begin. Using your Sterling Bank online banking ID and password, you can automatically begin managing your finances. You can visit to log in and get started.

How do I know if the Mobile Banking App I am downloading is legitimate?

Only download mobile apps from reputable sources. When downloading the Sterling Bank Mobile Banking App, ensure that “Sterling Bank” (Google Play Store) or “Sterling Bank WI” (iTunes and Windows Stores) is listed as the app publisher or seller. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before downloading the app or visit for additional information.

How is the Mobile Banking App different from Mobile Banking?

Because the app is stored on the device, it does not have to “re-download” itself every time it’s opened, providing better speed and performance. The Sterling Bank Mobile Banking App also delivers a better user experience with more visually appealing features and functionalities.

Can I make a deposit using the Mobile Banking App?

Yes. Mobile banking remote deposit is a free service available to mobile banking customers.  Please reference the remote deposit disclosure and view the demo on our website at Contact one of our branches for additional information on this service. 

What if the image of the check is rejected by the Mobile Banking App?

Occasionally there are issues with a check that prevent it from being accepted by the app and you will get the message “Cannot read bottom of check”. Please mail or bring in any rejected checks and we will be happy to deposit them for you.

What should I do with the original checks I deposit through mobile banking remote deposit?

Original checks should be kept for 45 days and made available to Sterling Bank upon request.

Is the Mobile Banking App safe?

Yes, the Sterling Bank Mobile Banking App is safe and secure. The Mobile Banking App travels in encrypted packets of data. 128-bit encryption protects data from being monitored during transmission across the Internet. The session ends when you close your app and times out if you forget. Also, no identifiable personal information, such as your account number, will be sent or stored to your device.

How can I help keep my account information secure and private?

In addition to our security processes, you can take the following steps to further protect your personal and account information:

·    Apply password protection to your mobile device; be original and protect your passwords

·    Never leave your mobile device unattended when signed in to mobile banking

·    Reference Sterling Bank’s “Online Transaction Guidance” document at



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