Security and trust are an important part of why you choose a banking partner. That’s why we’ve made every effort to make sure your account information, as well as your transactions, are just as secure as they are at your physical bank branch. We’ve partnered with reliable service providers and implemented the latest, ultra-safe encryption methods and software to be sure that our systems meet or surpass recommended security standards.

Online Security and Identity Protection services include:

- Compliance with the highest recommended standards of encryption

- State of the art firewall technology

Account Number Masking and Account Aliases:

For security reasons, the user's complete account number(s) never appear on the computer screen. When the account number needs to be displayed it appears as ######789 instead of 123456789. Sterling Bank Online also uses account "Aliases," which are user-defined titles for the consumer's accounts (i.e., "My Checking"), when displaying account information on the screen


Without proper login, users cannot see or use any web pages within Sterling Bank Online


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