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On-Site Deposit helps give you and your business the flexibility to deposit checks on YOUR schedule!



On-Site Deposit in its most simple terms, is a service which allows business users to scan checks and transmit the scanned images to the bank for posting and clearing from the convenience of their own office. The service, which requires very little in the way of setup or extra equipment, allows checks to be deposited and cleared electronically, without ever physically needing to be delivered to the bank. Legislation commonly referred to as “Check 21” makes this entire process possible. It allows banks to clear checks based upon images of the original items, instead of having to transport the original check all the way back to the paying bank for clearing.

The benefits of On-Site Deposit can be substantial:

- Increased convenience

- Reduced transportation risk & cost

- Increased processing efficiencies

- The ability to consolidate banking relationships and deposit at your convenience


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Check out a non-commercial option to deposit checks with your smartphone.


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